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So you’ve opened Figma, now what?

A 2 minute read written by
Herman Slyngstadli

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Maybe you have just been hired by a company that uses Figma? Maybe you have been using Sketch and Abstract for the last years and heard some good things about this new, up and coming design tool? Maybe you even have used Figma for a while and you’re curious if maybe there still are some tricks you haven’t yet learned? Well, look no further! The answers to all some of your questions lie ahead!

Where are you going with this?

An excellent question! While you were fast asleep getting your regular six to seven hours, I was up all night making a Figma course for you. So kick back, relax and enjoy your raw cocoa and bee pollen coffee. You can't slack too much though because you have to do most of the work from here on out…

I believe the quickest way to learn something is to try it for yourself. Therefore, I’ve decided that the best way to introduce you to Figma is to make a Figma file filled to the brim with practical exercises for you to explore and learn from. My goal is, at the end of the course, you'll know enough Figma to start creating sketches and wireframes of your own. The tutorial is inside this downloadable Figma-file, so you can add it to your own files and look at it whenever you want. You’re welcome.

Cool! So what’s in this course?

I’m glad you asked, friend! In the course, I’ll show you the layout and features of Figma and how to use them. You will be introduced to a plethora of different tools and menus, and get an overview of shortcuts and other techniques for making your life with Figma easier. This course will not make you a seasoned professional ready to tackle the most complex responsive layouts and modular design systems. It will, however, give you the skills necessary to continue experimenting and creating on your own.

So, where do I begin?

You can either duplicate the file from Figma Community or download the file and import it to Figma. Then it’s just a matter of opening the file and we’re off!

If you don’t know how to import files into Figma yet, don’t worry! Our good friends over at Figma have put together an easy tutorial for just that right here.

This course is based on a course by Martin Sangolt. If you know him you also know I have a lot to live up to, so let's go! No time to lose!

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